Client Testimonials

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Cassie, Kyle & Easton Wallace

Cassie and Kyle’s resilience in their pursuit of justice helped them give their son, Easton, the best life possible. Learn more about their story.

Drew Lewis

Drew’s perseverance throughout his case helped him obtain justice and get the care he needed. Learn more about Drew’s story.

Tilman & Demetra Ellis

Demetra’s courage in pursuing justice for her husband brought to light the hospital systems that failed. Learn more about Tilman & Demetra’s story.

Karina & Isabel Soto

Karina saw MND as a family from the beginning and was comforted knowing she had members on her team fluent in Spanish. Her perseverance and trust in our team helped her obtain the justice she needed to care for her daughter, Isabel. Learn more about their story.

Dale & Nancy Kopper

Dale and Nancy were both catastrophically injured in a vehicle collision. The couple appreciated our team’s open and honest communication throughout the process. Learn more about their story. 

Linda French

Linda’s bravery and strength led her to pursue justice with MND. During this challenging time, she was grateful for our team’s extreme thoroughness and diligence. Learn more about her story.

Richard & Janine Millager

Richard and Janine knew something wasn’t right after Janine’s nursing home therapy. The couple obtained justice through persistence and perseverance and became a part of our family. Learn more about their story.

Pam Rehmert

Pam’s courage to seek justice for her husband and hold the hospital system accountable made a difference in the way other patients will receive care in the future. Learn more about Pam’s story.

Kimberly & Chris Vorva

On Kimberly’s car accident anniversary, our attorney, Andy Campbell, delivered flowers. That’s when the Vorvas knew that once a part of the MND family, you’re always a part of our family. Learn more about their story.