What most commonly leads to truck accidents?

Accidents in Oklahoma involving large commercial trucks often have catastrophic results. Because these large vehicles are traveling at high speed and hauling heavy and sometimes dangerous loads, professional truck drivers must pass training courses. In fact, they are less likely than drivers of passenger vehicles to be in a collision. Yet, even the best trained drivers can sometimes find themselves in truck accidents that injure and kill.

What most commonly leads to truck accidents? Driving errors are probably the most common causes of accidents in the United States. Although most truck drivers understand the dangers and risks of driving large vehicles, sometimes they do not follow training practices and state or federal regulations. Common failures include not properly securing cargo, overloading cargo and driving while impaired or fatigued. These negligent behaviors increase the risk that a truck will be involved in a collision with another vehicle.

What other conditions contribute to truck accidents? Sometimes even good truck drivers are forced to follow trucking company policies that put their own and other people’s lives at risk. For example, some trucking companies set delivery schedules that are difficult to meet, forcing drivers into long hours of travel to meet deadlines in violation of federal laws. A truck driver who is fatigued and stressed is more prone to errors on the road that lead to accidents.

If negligence is found to be responsible for an accident, it can be the basis of a lawsuit that seeks compensation for accident victims. Plaintiffs will have to prove in court that the truck driver or their employer was negligent in causing the collision. If successful, the victims can recover monetary damages for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

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