What Is A Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Every day, individuals are the victims of medical malpractice. When doctors, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists or other healthcare providers fail to meet the medical standard of care and act negligently, it can result in severe injury,  permanent damages or death. Sadly, neglect or harm at the hands of a healthcare provider is often a situation marked by grief, disbelief, and frustration. 

If you do find yourself, or a family member, in a situation where you believe you are the victim of medical malpractice, it’s time to find an attorney who will be a trusted partner to stand with you throughout the process to help you to understand and to seek justice. 

You may wonder, what is a medical malpractice lawyer, and can they help me? Or maybe, you’re wondering if you have a meritorious medical malpractice claim at all. The trustworthy team of medical malpractice lawyers at Maples, Nix and Diesselhorst have years of proven experience and a dedicated commitment to helping their clients. We would love to talk to you and evaluate your case.  

What Does A Medical Malpractice Attorney Do When They Take My Case? 

The medical malpractice lawyers at Maples, Nix and Diesselhorst are experienced, compassionate and highly skilled professionals. As we take on each case, we provide the following to our clients: 

  • Legal expertise – Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of medical malpractice law and are highly respected litigators. We’ve worked together for many years, preparing various medical malpractice cases.  
  • Medical Expertise – At Maples, Nix and Diesselhorst, we work with a network of trusted doctors, legal nurse consultants, and other medical professionals as resources for building a successful case. Additionally, our attorneys, through experience, have a thorough understanding of the laws pertaining to medical negligence cases. 
  • Proven Experience – With decades of experience and many multi-million dollar medical malpractice verdicts and settlements, our medical malpractice case results prove our expertise. We always seek the best outcome for our clients. Sometimes that will mean taking a case to trial; other times, it will result in a settlement. 

Day to day, our medical malpractice attorneys meet with clients, research, work with medical experts, take depositions, analyze medical records and data, develop trial strategies, draft motions, and litigate cases. As we work to prove your case, we gather information and seek to secure justice for the wrongdoing you have endured. 

Medical Malpractice: What Is It? 

Before you find an attorney, it can be helpful to understand the term “medical malpractice,” and all it includes. There is a standard of care that all medical professionals are expected to uphold. Most healthcare providers do not actively try to act negligently. They may be understaffed, have received insufficient training, or make mistakes because they’re overworked; however, regardless of why the malpractice occurred, it does not excuse their negligence. 

Under the law, medical malpractice claims must include a few key characteristics.

  1. Breach of standard of care – Healthcare providers are expected to uphold specific established medical standards for their specialty, and the law acknowledges this. These standards are in place to ensure that patients receive care at a similar level that another trained professional would provide under similar circumstances. When you visit the doctor, you can usually trust that they will treat you in a way consistent with the accepted standard of care. If they don’t, that may mean that they were negligent. 
  2. Negligence resulted in injury – Negligence alone does not make a case. Your attorney must prove that the healthcare provider’s failure to meet the standard of care resulted in injury or death. 
  3. The injury resulted in damages – In addition to a failure to meet the standard of care and a subsequent injury, your attorney will need to show that the injury resulted in catastrophic permanent damages to you (or your loved one).     

Common Medical Malpractice Claims In Oklahoma 

Some of the common medical malpractice claims in Oklahoma include: 

  • Medication errors, including pharmacy errors or dosing errors 
  • Misdiagnosis 
  • Delayed or failure to diagnose 
  • Surgical errors 
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Emergency room negligence or failure to provide timely treatment 
  • Nursing malpractice 
  • Radiology and pathology error 
  • Birth injuries 
  • Misreading or ignoring lab results 
  • Unnecessary surgery 
  • Improper or premature discharge 

What To Look For In A Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

Medical malpractice and negligence cases are different from other types of lawsuits. They are both complicated and expensive to pursue. As you consider choosing a medical malpractice attorney in Oklahoma, you should remember the case’s complexity and choose an attorney experienced in collecting and documenting the evidence and developing and presenting medical malpractice cases. You should select a team with the experience, medical expertise, and significant financial resources required to be successful in medical malpractice litigation.

Additionally, expert witnesses are necessary for medical malpractice litigation. Make sure the medical malpractice lawyer you choose has an established network of expert physicians willing to review medical records, consult, and, if necessary, testify on behalf of your case. You will find both the experience needed and a team of expert medical professionals for your Oklahoma medical malpractice case at Maples, Nix and Diesselhorst. 

It’s Time To Take Action 

In the state of Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for most medical malpractice cases is just two years from the date of the incident. Some medical malpractice cases in Oklahoma also have a shortened statute of limitations.  If your claims relate to governmental entities, then a law called the Governmental Tort Claims Act (“GTCA”) may apply. If the GTCA is applicable, there could be a one-year time limit to notify the governmental entity or your claim might be barred.  And when a minor is involved, other limitation laws may be applicable. So, it is essential to take action quickly by contacting the medical malpractice team at Maples, Nix and Diesselhorst as soon as possible. 

Work With Oklahoma’s Best Medical Malpractice Attorneys 

Collectively, our team of knowledgeable attorneys and staff has over 75 years of experience in prosecuting medical malpractice cases. We’re fully dedicated to each client we take on and sincerely want to secure your best possible outcome. We will diligently learn and research your case’s legal and medical details and build a relationship with you. By building relationships, we can better represent Oklahomans who have sustained injuries because of medical neglect. Contact our team for a free case evaluation.

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