Tips for picking out a car seat

Oklahoma law requires that car seats be used for children younger than eight. Their necessity is obvious, as they dramatically reduce the risk of children dying in a car crash. For example, they prevent ejection and safeguard critical areas such as your child’s head. Yet as many as four out of five seats are used incorrectly. So, when you are in the market for a car seat, one of your primary considerations is probably the ease of use. If a seat gives you too much trouble, another one may serve you better.

Here is a look at some other tips to help you choose a car seat.

Know the requirements and recommendations

Another way that parents use car seats inappropriately is that the seats may be in the wrong position or the child may be too big or too small for them. For example, in Oklahoma, children younger than two years old need to be in a rear-facing seat. They can move forward once they are above the height and weight recommendations for the car seat or once they turn two.

Plan ahead

How big or how small is the area where the car seat goes? Are there other children riding in the car? Space considerations help you determine the size of the car seat base. Do not be afraid to measure! It also helps to read your vehicle owner’s manual before you go shopping.

Also, if you have a baby on the way, install the car seat early so that it is ready when the baby is going home.

Make cleaning easy

Some car seats are harder to clean than others. Opt for a smooth over textured fabric for ease of cleaning, although this is more of a convenience issue than a safety issue. Whether your car seat is textured or smooth will not affect how it performs in a crash.

Follow instructions

Follow the instructions exactly. In fact, many parents opt to have free installations or checkups done at specific police department events and the like. They are a valuable way of double checking that you have installed the seat properly.

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