Key instances to consult with an accident attorney

After even a minor car accident, it’s natural to feel confused about what, exactly, to do next. Calling your insurance agent is probably the first thing most people do, but then what? Just sit back and wait? If you received any injuries during the accident, the stress, confusion and worry may be even worse.

Thankfully, an auto accident claim may be helpful in handling the aftermath of the incident. To aid you in receiving the compensation you deserve, it may be beneficial to speak with an attorney, especially in certain instances.


Catastrophic injuries that result in disabilities may seem easy to prove. However, there are many different elements to consider and cover. An experienced attorney will know all the possible claims you can assert to aid you in receiving compensation for the accident, as well as necessary compensation throughout your life as you adjust to and deal with the disability.

Other serious injuries

Some serious injuries may require the expertise of an attorney. Particularly injuries that are not easy to see, the other party may try to question its legitimacy or severity. An attorney can aid you in building a solid case by collecting the right evidence and getting helpful testimony, such as an expert medical witness. Such support can also aid in getting you the greatest possible award for damages.

Claim disputes

It is possible for your insurer or the other party’s insurer to dispute your claim. Should you choose to take it to court, the opposing party will have a chance to dispute your claim. If you face the other party’s insurer, Oklahoma’s modified comparative negligence laws will affect your case. In short, if the court finds you at fault for any percentage of the accident, it will decrease your award amount by that percentage. An attorney will be familiar with this rule, as well as how to present you in the best light to limit your level of fault.

Though these are the major instances where consulting with an attorney can be beneficial, receiving the knowledge of an experienced professional may be beneficial to any accident claim. Consider how speaking with an attorney can be helpful in your situation.

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