Common swimming pool-related injuries

Summer means that it is officially swimming pool season. Children and adults alike will look for a break from the Oklahoma heat by taking a dip. Nevertheless, any smart pool owner will have genuine concerns about keeping friends, family, or even customers safe. No one wants to be responsible for pool-related injuries or even fatalities, so it pays to err on the side of caution.

Major areas of concern

Common types of injuries include:

  • Slip and fall: Wet feet and hard surfaces can be a hazardous mix, so slip and fall accidents are common. Owners of public pools should have warning signs up. Public and private pool owners should take such precautions as installing slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Water slides: These are a lot of fun, but they can be a source for skin abrasions and other more severe injuries, especially if they are used inappropriately.
  • Improper chemical levels: Chlorine is just one of the chemicals used in pool water. Owners should be mindful of rashes, skin irritation or something worse. An improper mixture of chemicals or a pool that is not cleaned can cause serious injuries.
  • Shower first: Swimmers who do not shower before jumping in can cause feces-related contamination, particularly if the pool is not regularly cleaned.
  • Drownings: We hear stories every summer about people drowning in pools. Public pools will often have lifeguards on duty, but owners of private pools should take precautions that include adult supervision, a fence around the perimeter and safety equipment. These can help avoid tragedy and reduce the amount of liability for the owner.
  • Head or spinal injuries: Swimmers may get turned around and dive head-first in the shallow end, or they may lose track of where the walls are and crash into them. This can lead to head and spinal injuries.

Those with injuries may need an attorney

Victims or their parents may have questions about swimming pool-related injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide answers based on the facts in each case and how laws here in Oklahoma apply.

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