How can you sue a nursing home for abuse or neglect?

For many people in Oklahoma, placing their parents in a nursing home can be one of the most difficult decisions of their lifetimes. If their parents are subjected to abuse or negligence in the nursing home, the decision becomes even more painful. If an individual has reason to believe that their parent is being abused, they might have grounds for a lawsuit on their hands. Here’s what people need to know about pursuing legal action against a nursing home.

How can individuals sue for nursing home negligence?

Every year, countless adults are victims of nursing home negligence. Their families might wish to pursue legal action but have no idea to proceed. To start, they’ll need to gather evidence to prove that the abuse or negligence was directly caused by an employee of the nursing home.

Once they’ve done that, they’ll need to report the issue to the police so that officials can start investigating the facility. The victim’s family might wish to hire an attorney to help them collect evidence and documentation during this process. Once the investigation has been finalized, the nursing home might try to negotiate with the individuals to get them to accept a settlement outside of court. If they don’t accept the settlement, the case could go to trial.

Where can individuals go for assistance with nursing home neglect cases?

An attorney may be able to assist clients with nursing home abuse cases. To start, an attorney may help gather evidence to prove that abuse or neglect has taken place. This can include bedsores, bruises, undernourishment, dehydration, infections, mysterious injuries and other issues.

Once the attorney has gathered evidence, he or she may help their client negotiate with the nursing home. If the negotiations fail, the attorney may help their client take the case to court in order to receive compensation for physical and emotional damages.

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