Emotional abuse can also cause pain

When you place a loved one in an Oklahoma nursing home, you want to believe that he or she will be properly looked after while living there. However, it isn’t uncommon for residents to be treated poorly by their caregivers. In some cases, they are subject to abuse that can’t easily be seen.

Emotional wounds can be as painful as physical injuries

People who are ridiculed by someone who they are supposed to trust can be hurt just as bad as someone who is hit, kicked or slapped. In some cases, emotional abuse is harder for a person to endure because there are no obvious signs that a victim is suffering. However, if you notice that your parent, grandparent or spouse has become withdrawn since entering a nursing facility, it may be a clue that they have been emotionally abused. You might find it advisable to meet with an attorney to discuss the situation and learn what recourse might be available.

Common examples of emotional abuse

A person who is isolated from others at a facility will likely experience emotional trauma. The same is true of someone who is yelled at by a staff member for any reason. Those who are improperly medicated could be classified as victims of emotional abuse depending on what kind of side effects they experience. It isn’t uncommon for medications to cause nightmares, hallucinations while awake or other problems that can make it difficult to determine reality from fiction. At a minimum, improperly medicating a person will likely be seen as an example of nursing home negligence.

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