Lawyers Give Away Thousands of Turkeys for the Upcoming Holidays

Lawyer’s Against Hunger hosted its third annual turkey give-away on Thursday, November 14, 2012 in Oklahoma City. Nix Law Group was one of the 100 Oklahoma City law firms and attorneys that volunteered for this year’s event hosted by the McIntyre Law Firm. Partnered with Oklahoma Association for Justice and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Lawyer’s Against Hunger raised more than $78,000 to purchase nearly 5,000 turkeys that were given away.

Oklahoma Families

Oklahoma is one of the top five states with the highest numbers of families who go hungry, with one in six Oklahomans struggling with hunger every day. With many state agencies continue to lose funding for Thanksgiving, the Lawyers Against Hunger organization began raising funds from attorneys and firms from all over the state to provide food to needy families for the holiday seasons.

Attorneys Giving Back to Oklahoma Communities

Lawyers Against Hunger’s annual turkey give-away becomes more successful in each successive year with more attorneys volunteering and more funds being donated. In 2011, the organization surpassed their goal of $50,000 by raising more than $60,000 in donations to give away thousands of turkeys and pantry-boxes in Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa.

Lawyer’s Against Hunger also sponsors other events throughout the year that include blood drives and food drives in the spring.

To make a donation to the Lawyer’s Against Hunger organization, please visit the Lawyers Against Hunger website or contact Nix Law Group today.

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