What can parents do to help prevent teen drowsy driving?

There are many different things that could make a driver a significant safety risk to those around them. One is if the driver is drowsy. Fatigued driving is behind quite a few motor vehicle accidents. One thing it can be important for Oklahomans who have suffered injuries because a motorist took to the wheel while drowsy to be aware of is that the state’s civil legal system may provide them with options for seeking compensation for the impacts of their injuries.  

Drowsy driving can be a major traffic safety danger when any type of driver engages in it. This includes teen drivers. Thus, one would hope that drowsy driving would be among the unsafe driving habits that parents would put a great deal of effort towards getting their teens to avoid. 

Recently, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and its National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project have been taking efforts to increase awareness among parents of the importance of addressing teen drowsy driving and encourage parents to take steps to help their teens stay away from drowsy driving. 

Here are some of the things parents of teens can do that individuals behind the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project believe could help reduce teen drowsy driving:

  • Have discussions with their teen about fatigued driving and its warning signs.
  • Limit how much “screen time” their teen has before going to bed.
  • Help their teen develop a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Be a model of healthy sleep behavior for their teen. 

What do you think are some of the best ways for parents of teenagers to get the message of the importance of staying away from drowsy driving across to their teen? 

Source: The Huffington Post, “1 In 5 Accidents Are Caused By Drowsy Driving. This Group Intends To Get That Number To Zero.,” Alena Hall, April 9, 2015

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