What are car accident damages available in Oklahoma?

Like other states, Oklahoma laws offer victims of car accidents the opportunity to seek compensation when the accident was not their fault. This compensation is invaluable in helping to pay for the costs of medical care as well as some other expenses. These are known as damages and are available to victims under certain circumstances.

Oklahoma offers two basic types of damages: economic damages and noneconomic damages. The economic damages you may pursue include medical expenses, lost wages from missing work and the costs of repairing or replacing your motor vehicle.

Noneconomic damages cover things that do not have a price tag. The most common of these types of damages is any physical pain you may suffer because of the car accident. Other forms of noneconomic damages include emotional distress you may experience because of the accident and the loss of companionship or affection. The latter type of damage occurs if you have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident.

In Oklahoma, no economic damages cap exists, which means you may seek as much compensation as you need to cover your injury expenses. However, the state does impose caps on the amount of noneconomic damages you may pursue. In general, noneconomic damages available in a car accident claim are limited to $350,000.

Those who have been injured in a car accident often need financial compensation to return to their way of life. One of the best pieces of advice an injury attorney can give to these victims is not to rule out a car accident claim. Often, pursuing legal action is the only way to acquire the funds necessary to recover physically and financially.

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