Vital steps to take immediately after a car crash

Car crash victims in Oklahoma and across the U.S. can make proceedings with their insurance company a lot easier if they ensured that certain steps were taken immediately after the crash. Of course, not everyone will remember to follow all of the steps below, but by remaining calm, people could still raise the chances of a successful outcome for any claims.

Documenting the crash

The first steps involve assessing injuries, calling for an ambulance if necessary and calling for the police. Even if everyone is cooperative, the police will be helpful in that they can write an incident report, which drivers could file with their own insurer.

Those involved can take steps on their own to document what happened. WreckCheck, a free app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, can make this easy, but using pen and paper is always an option, too. Victims could make a diagram to show how the accident happened. They should photograph the damage and get the contact information of any eyewitnesses.

Other information to gather

Between the parties involved in the crash, there should be as little interaction as possible. One should neither admit fault nor blame the other side. Those involved should exchange their names and insurance information, and it would be ideal to get a phone number as well. The officer’s contact information is important, too.

Legal representation for crash victims

Car accidents can lead to personal injury claims as victims of the accident seek compensation to cover their medical expenses and other losses. To see what your chances of succeeding with a claim are like, you may want to consult with an attorney. He or she may help you file your claim and work to negotiate for a fair settlement out of court, litigating only as a last resort.

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