Truck driver cellphone use in Oklahoma

Driving a big rig in a safe manner can be a challenging thing, given how big these vehicles are and some of their other unique characteristics. Thus, it is very important for truck drivers, when behind the wheel of a big rig, to direct all of their focus and attention towards driving safely and responsibly. When a truck driver allows their attention to be drawn away from this by a distraction, it could result in a motor vehicle collision occurring.

One of the things that can pose a big distraction to a big rig driver is a cellphone. Thus, one would hope that big rig drivers here in Oklahoma would stay away from using a cellphone when behind the wheel.

Currently, there are a number of bills regarding state trucking rules that Oklahoma’s legislature is considering. One of these bills regards cellphone use while driving a truck by commercial truck drivers. The bill would make it so such conduct by a commercial truck driver would constitute a “serious traffic offense” under the state’s trucking rules. Giving it this classification would make it so, under certain circumstances, being caught being on a cellphone while driving could lead to a truck driver having their commercial driving privileges in the state taken away. 

What do you think of this change the bill would make if passed? Do you think it could help cut down on cellphone use while driving by truckers in Oklahoma? Do you think this measure will ultimately pass? How common do you think behind-the-wheel cellphone use is among truck drivers who operate here in Oklahoma? What do you think are the best ways to prevent cellphone use while driving among truck drivers?

Source: Land Line Magazine, “Oklahoma bills call for changes to multiple truck rules,” Keith Goble, April 6, 2015

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