Staying safe on the roads during the holiday season

The holiday season. While festive for many, unfortunately, at this time of year also means an increase in the number of truck and car collisions. According the online statistical resource, in a typical year during the holiday season, about 340 will lose their lives in car, truck and SUV accidents on the streets of Edmond and across the country. Fortunately, not every motor vehicle accident results in a fatality. But even the chances of you or someone you know ending up in a fender bender is higher this time of year.

Here are some pointers to help you stay safe on the roads this holiday season.

Nix drinking and driving

With more options available than ever for public transportation, there is no excuse for drinking and driving. Whether you plan to indulge in a drink or two or not, act responsibly. Do not get behind the wheel until you know beyond a shadow of the doubt that every drop of alcohol has passed through your system. Alternatively, you can take an Uber, Lyft, taxi or bus ride to your destination, or ask a friend for a ride. Remember, one drink is enough to impact your senses and impair your actions.

Watch for potentially dangerous motorists

Just because you have enough sense to avoid drinking and driving does not mean everyone else does. If you plan to be on the roads this holiday season, play it safe. Stay alert and watch for possibly reckless and impaired motorists. If you notice reckless and dangerous drivers, steer away from them as soon as safely possible. Memorize as much information about the vehicle and driver as you can so you can report her or him to the authorities.

Changing road conditions 

During the winter, the weather plays a major factor in road conditions. Because they can change at a moment’s notice, you would do best to check the forecast before you travel, no matter the distance. Pre-trip your vehicle, and take the necessary precautions to avoid detours and unfamiliar areas.

Not all holiday motor vehicle collisions are preventable, even when you exercise every safety precaution possible. The more you learn about accident-causing hazards, the better prepared you will be to handle the consequences of any fender bender you may end up in.

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