Some of the major causes of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians can be defined as people travelling on foot, whether they are walking or running. Pedestrians are under a great amount of risk while they go out and about near roads. According to the figures, 150,000 pedestrians were involved in auto-accidents in 2013 across the country.


The main cause of pedestrian accidents can be pointed towards the careless or reckless attitude from the driver. The drivers usually tend to be distracted while on their phone, programming their GPS, eating, or even while applying makeup. On the other hand, in busy cities, there is a lot of traffic and drivers can be aggressive and more prone to road rage. They also might have greater tendencies to cross the speed limit and violate traffic lights.

Pedestrians should be aware of the risks while they are traveling on foot. However, they should also do their part and stick to safety laws. They should avoid crossing busy streets from places other than the designated crosswalk and also pay close attention to the walk signals at their intersection. At night, wearing reflective gear can also greatly improve your visibility while crossing the street.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident, you might be able to receive compensation for the damages incurred. You might benefit from hiring an experienced attorney to take a good look at your case. Just like with any personal injury claim, if your claim is successful you may receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.


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