Semi-truck brake failure causes deadly crashes.

Because of their size, large commercial vehicles have a great deal of momentum when driving. When their brakes fail, these trucks can strike other vehicles at highway speeds, and the results can be catastrophic or even deadly.

Problems with trucks’ brakes contribute to nearly 30% of accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found in their Large Truck Crash Causation Study that brake problems contributed to 29% of crashes. Faulty brakes leave drivers without the ability to slow as needed or to stop to avoid a hazard.

Many big rigs with brake issues could be on the road today.

In 2019, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted more than 10,000 commercial vehicle inspections and found that 16.1% of the semi-trucks inspected had dangerous brake-related issues. These include hundreds of issues with the hoses that support the braking system, and the failure of these hoses could have resulted in brake failure and catastrophic accidents if the trucks had remained on the road. While the inspected vehicles were removed from service until their brakes could be repaired, others may still be on the road.

Who is liable for brake-related trucking accidents?

After a trucking accident, it is easy to wonder who was to blame, and many different people and companies can contribute to these issues. Manufacturers may provide faulty parts. While the FMCSA requires regular inspections and maintenance, carriers do not always meet these requirements, and poorly-maintained brake systems can fail when they are needed most. Some drivers even take to the road despite knowing that their vehicles’ systems need repair.

After a crash, victims’ wellbeing often depends on holding negligent drivers, carriers and manufacturers accountable. By taking legal action, they can fight for the financial support they need after a devastating crash.

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