Proving your case in a truck accident

Truck accidents can be catastrophic in nature. The huge size and weight of the truck poses a potential risk when on the road, as other automobiles are much smaller in size. In case of a mishap, consequences might be deadly. Thus, special care should be practiced whether you’re the driver of the truck or a nearby passenger car.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be able to get compensation by proving fault. Fault can be proved by establishing negligence or recklessness on part of the responsible party. If you are involved in a commercial truck accident, you must show that the responsible party (truck driver, trucking company, etc.) could have practiced a reasonable degree of care to avoid the crash. It is the legal responsibility of drivers to exercise diligence towards pedestrians, passengers and fellow drivers. If the driver or trucking company has failed to exercise such care and you have suffered an injury, you may be successful in proving your case.

In case of a crash involving a commercial cargo-laden vehicle, multiple parties can be held liable for the damages. Therefore, identifying the defendant in such scenarios may be different from identifying defendants in accidents involving other kinds of vehicles. The truck driver, employer, contractor, insurance company and others may share the liability for the negligence. If the commercial truck was carrying hazardous material and has failed to advise the driver to take proper precaution, the shipper of said material may also be held accountable. The precautionary labels should be specific to the dangers of the hazardous cargo.

If you or someone you know has been in a commercial truck accident in Oklahoma, you should review your case and consider all possible options. Hiring a skilled attorney might help you in recovering compensation for the ordeal you have experienced.

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