Pedestrian accidents are a real risk during Halloween

Both kids and adults alike love Halloween. Oklahoma residents in particular seem to enjoy the holiday because the weather is typically mild. This means more tricks-or-treats than people in many other states get to have.

Everyone should be able to enjoy Halloween, but that does not mean throwing caution to the wind. On the contrary, people of all ages should practice increased caution in order to avoid becoming involved in a pedestrian accident.

According to a joint study by Sperling’s Best Places and State Farm, Halloween is the “deadliest day of the year for child pedestrian accidents.” The research revealed that 115 child pedestrians died on Halloween during the 21-year study period. The most dangerous time for kids on this day is the twilight hour of 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., when visibility is low.

Safe Kids Worldwide reports that twice as many kids die in pedestrian accidents on Halloween than any other day of the year. This children’s safety website also reports that 12 percent of the nation’s youth aged 5 and younger are allowed to trick-or-treat without adult supervision.

To increase safety, an adult should accompany children 12 years old and younger. Other safety tips include wearing bright and reflective costumes, carrying flashlights, using traffic signals and looking carefully for traffic. Children older than 12 years should only go out in groups and all kids should stay in familiar neighborhoods.

Pedestrian accidents involving children are often catastrophic. While pedestrians do have a duty to practice safety, motorists should also be extra cautious during this child-centered holiday. For those who need legal help following a negligent pedestrian accident, please consider consulting with an attorney.

Source: Children’s Safety Network, “Pedestrian Injuries: The True Terror of Halloween,” accessed Oct. 04, 2017

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