Oklahoma’s mission to ENDUI

For many, Labor Day is more than just a day off awarded to the American worker. Families use Labor Day as a way to signify the end of summer and beginning of a new school year. This Labor Day, Oklahoma law enforcement is warning residents to think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car after celebrating. They are stepping up their efforts in the fight against drunk driving with the initiative called ENDUI, which they intend to be a long-term effort long past Labor Day.

During a recent news conference, Oklahoma authorities made their expectations clear. Through numerous sobriety checkpoints and an increase in patrol, law enforcement is on the lookout for drunk drivers. Among local news teams and law enforcement was the father of a young Oklahoma man who is currently serving a 40-year prison sentence for an auto accident which resulted in the death of a cyclist. The driver, who was under the influence of alcohol blacked out and struck a cyclist killing him instantly.

The area’s DA sincerely hopes the public will heed the advice of law enforcement and refrain from drinking and driving. There will be a zero tolerance policy during the ENDUI program, which Oklahoma officers are ready to enforce. While the instance of drinking and driving is especially troublesome over holiday weekends, it is an issue that plagues communities every day.

For individuals that have been the victim of a drunk driver, holding that person accountable may be one way to end the bad behavior. In 2014, the state of Oklahoma lost 163 residents to drunk driving accidents, leaving behind family, friends and children. For them, the ENDUI initiative comes too late, but for the millions of other innocent bystanders it may be just in time.

Source: News9.com, “Tulsa Father Of Convicted Drunk Driver Wants To End DUI”, Sep. 3, 2015

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