Oklahoma has the most uninsured drivers in the nation

Although the law requires all drivers to have state minimum requirements for auto insurance, not everyone complies. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, Oklahoma ranks number one in having the most uninsured drivers. The most recent statistics show that 25.9 percent of Oklahoma motorists do not have coverage.

This means you have a 1 in 4 chance that a driver you get into an accident with will not have insurance. Why does this matter? When you get into an accident, you rely on the insurance of all parties involved to compensate you for the damage to your vehicle and health. No insurance means no financial awards.

What to do when the driver is uninsured

Insurance providers, including your own, do not want to pay you as much money as you deserve. With no other companies helping, your insurer will not want to cover all the damages. The best thing to do is seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. A qualified attorney will have experience in dealing with insurance companies to maximize the compensation you receive.

You also have the option to sue the driver, but if the person cannot even afford auto insurance, it is unlikely you will obtain any significant payment from him or her. In the case of a hit-and-run accident, you have more options for seeking awards and justice as this is a more severe crime than just driving without insurance.

Preparation is the best protection

The best thing to do in this situation is to prepare for it. Add coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists to your policy, which also includes hit-and-run drivers. It may raise your premium, but with such a high risk in Oklahoma, it is better to be out a little money now than be out a lot of money later. Note that this coverage only reimburses you for physical harm. Damage to your vehicle falls under collision coverage. Having both in your policy offers you financial security in case of an accident.

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