Motorcycle accident injuries: It is your right to seek justice

Responsible motorcycle fans in Oklahoma City know how to operate their vehicles safely. They know it is always wise to use helmets and other safety gear; they know how to look for danger spots; and they know to remain alert to traffic patterns and other motor vehicles.

Despite this, too many of our neighbors suffer serious injuries or death in motorcycle accidents. Statistics supplied by OHSO (Oklahoma Highway Safety Office) indicate that hundreds of motorcycle accidents have taken the lives of state residents. In 2015, 84 fatal Oklahoma motorcycle accidents occurred, an increase of 30 from the 54 fatal accidents that happened in 2014.

Why was there such a drastic increase? OHSO data shows that motorcycle license endorsements increased by 1.4 percent from 2014 to 2015. Obviously, this means more of the state’s residents are operating cycles. Other points of interest contained in the report include:

— Most fatal or serious injury motorcycle accidents occurred between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

— Most of the fatal or serious injury accidents occurred on Saturdays.

— Over 21 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes occurred on city streets.

While the crash report contains lots of information about motorcycle operator fault, it does not touch on the possible negligence of other motorists as a contributing factor. It is foolish to assume that all of the motorcycle accidents in the state happen solely due to operator error.

Whether negligence or recklessness is the root cause or simply a contributing factor in a motorcycle accident, victims have rights under the law. As attorneys, we are dedicated to helping you find the justice you need to move forward. Please see our website for additional information.

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