Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable part of the traffic system. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, nearly 5,000 pedestrian deaths take place each year in the United States. Several of these deaths are a result of a motor vehicle collision, leading to fatal injuries for the pedestrian. Pedestrians are much more exposed to injuries compared to motor vehicle drivers, which is why the legal system protects them.

Drivers are expected to take reasonable care of pedestrians in their surroundings. Failure to do so may be considered as negligence on their part. Drivers are considered negligent if they breached any traffic or intoxication laws when the accident took place. Running a red light, over-speeding, failure to yield way on crosswalks and driving under the influence are all considered as careless and may lead to a strict sentencing for the driver. As a pedestrian, you must try your best to protect yourself when on the road. You should follow all traffic laws designed to shield pedestrians from accidents. Breaking these laws might result in the court sentencing you for contributory negligence, leading to reduced compensation.

If you are hit by a motor vehicle, you have the right to file for a personal injury claim against the driver of the motor vehicle. You can only file for a personal injury claim if you know the identity of the driver. Some drivers tend to flee the scene of the accident to avoid a possible lawsuit. In such cases, you should inform the police and look for witnesses who might help track down the driver.

It would be advisable to contact an attorney if you or your loved one was hit by a motor vehicle. An experienced attorney might be able to assist you in filing for a personal injury claim. These cases are complicated, but with the help of an attorney, you might be able to get compensated for any damages and medical expenses.

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