If you are a motorcycle accident victim, you need compensation

In Oklahoma, just like anywhere else in the country, motorcyclists face more dangers than drivers of other motor vehicles, which makes them vulnerable to severe injury and death. When a motorcycle collides with other vehicles such as cars or trucks, a relatively unprotected rider is easily thrown from the motorcycle. Where car or truck occupants might sustain only minor injuries, the motorcyclist is far more likely to be seriously hurt, if not killed.

Our firm understands the challenges that injured motorcyclists face. After an accident, we thoroughly investigate the case to determine if the injured cyclist can legitimately seek compensation from any other party involved. We painstakingly follow all leads that could answer our questions. We speak to witnesses and gather evidence; if the evidence shows that the other party was responsible, then we will strive to hold him or her responsible for your injuries.

Motorcyclists often sustain injuries that prevent them from returning to work or from performing important daily activities. It may take time before their injuries are fully healed, and this can add to a family’s financial injuries. We encourage anyone who was injured in a motorcycle accident to speak up and hold the responsible parties accountable. This can only be done through a personal injury claim. In some cases, responsible parties try to offer settlements to prevent a case from heading to court. An offer may be enough to cover the injured party’s immediate losses, but the truth is that the motorcyclist and his or family may be entitled to far more compensation.

It is important for injured parties to seek other options before accepting any settlement. It is usually wise to seek legal advice to ensure that they are getting what they are rightfully due. Our website walks through the process of obtaining compensation after a motorcycle accident and answers any questions that you may have.

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