Huge 18-wheeler trucks can cause terrible harm in collisions

There’s no missing tractor-trailers on the interstate or highway. When you are driving on I-35 or I-44, chances are you will see one of these massive trucks in front of you or in a neighboring lane.

Semi-trucks weigh 20 tons on average, far more than your passenger vehicle. The amount of power needed to get a truck this large up to highway speeds can result in incredible destruction if the truck crashes into a car, SUV, pickup truck or motorcycle. Imagine if you are inside a vehicle that a semi lands on.

Semi bound for Oklahoma lands on man

That is what happened to a man in another state recently. A semi that was hauling cattle to Oklahoma overturned and landed on his car, crushing his vehicle and trapping him inside. It took firefighters more than an hour to free him, using the Jaws of Life tool. Amazingly, the man was conscious and alert the entire time.

Once they had freed him, rescue workers rushed him to the hospital. His current condition is not known.

We also do not know what caused the semi to overturn. Things that can cause a tractor-trailer to tumble over can include swerving and overcorrecting. A blown tire or other mechanical failure could also lead to something like this. Thus, careless driving by the truck driver, poor maintenance of the truck by the trucking company, or a defective part each could be to blame for this trucking accident.

When a truck accident causes someone to be injured, an investigation is usually required. The police will usually look into whether any laws were broken, but a personal injury attorney will look into the facts to determine if the trucker and trucking company negligently caused their client’s injuries. Then they will pursue compensation from those parties.

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