How can walkers in Oklahoma avoid pedestrian accidents?

Being proactive about your personal safety is always a great idea. Even though personal injury lawyers exist to help you in your goal to recover financially, physically and emotionally from a pedestrian accident, it is best to avoid suffering injuries altogether.

Other that the obvious goal of watching out for reckless drivers, there are a few ways to increase your safety while walking, running or biking along Oklahoma roadways. Below, you will find some tips to avoid pedestrian accidents.

Crossing: Attempt to cross roads only at marked crosswalks. If a crosswalk is unavailable, it is best to continue on your path until you reach an intersection rather than trying to cross in the middle of traffic.

Sidewalks: If possible, stay away from the traffic area and use sidewalks. If none are available, walk along the shoulder in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Distractions: Like motorists, you should avoid using cellphones or other devices while walking. These can distract you from your path as well as from any dangerous traffic coming your way.

Nighttime: If you must walk at night, wear reflective safety gear so that motorists can easily see you. You may also consider carrying a flashlight to increase your visibility.

Children: When walking with children, hold their hands and keep them on the outside of the traffic pattern. Do not allow children to walk too far ahead or wander away from your side.

Pedestrian accidents often result in catastrophic injuries or death. Do practice caution while walking and do consider talking with a personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one does become injured in an accident.

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