DUI, distraction cause fatal wreck in Oklahoma City

Two of the most dangerous things a driver can do on the road are being intoxicated and texting while driving. In today’s world there is no excuse for not understanding the dangerous consequences both actions can have. Both cause delayed reaction time and a poor sense of surroundings. Unfortunately, one Oklahoma City man’s choice to do both yesterday resulted in the death of another person.

A 27-year-old man and his son were in their car heading down N.E. 10th Street in Oklahoma City when suddenly they were hit from behind. The impact caused the death of the young father. Fortunately, his 5-year-old son was uninjured.

After the fatal accident, police determined that the 31-year-old driver of the vehicle who caused the crash was high on drugs. The driver also told police that he was looking at his phone when the accident happened.

Although this man has been charged with causing an accident without a valid license and driving under the influence, those charges will do little to make up for the emotional and financial challenges the young father’s family may now be facing.

Too often, drivers in situations like this get off with only minor penalties. When a person’s negligent actions result in the death of another person, however, they should be held fully accountable. Fortunately, Oklahoma personal injury laws allow families who have lost loved ones in car accidents to hold the negligent driver responsible. Through a civil claim, a family can seek compensation from the driver for funeral expenses, medical bills, and other costs associated with the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one.

Source: KFOR-TV, “Man arrested for DUI after Oklahoma City father killed in crash; 5-year-old son uninjured,” Jesse Wells, Dec. 10, 2013

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