Commuters beware semi-trucks on the highway

Each morning millions of American drivers leave their homes, and take to the road for their long commute to work. With the average commute one way being 25 minutes, it is likely that some of this drive time is spent on the highway, alongside fellow commuters. The hustle and bustle of highway travel is dangerous enough when shared with other busy drivers, but toss in a few 100-ton semi-trucks and the danger really increases.

Going about your business on the highways might make you think you’re doing your part to keep the road safe, but everyday habits can sometimes turn deadly when done around a semi-truck.

With as large and tall as semis are, you may think the driver has a clear, unobstructed view of you, but truth be told, semi drivers have more blind spots than you do. Directly behind the trailer and at points alongside it operators do not have a clear view of fellow travelers. Likewise, when drivers approach moving trucks, their sheer size can make it difficult to gauge speed. Their lack of quick maneuverability can lead to a loss of control and serious accidents. Following too close, driving between semis and changing lanes or braking abruptly are also common things drivers do everyday. While these practices are dangerous no matter who you share the road with, the risk of an accident is greater when done in the company of commercial trucks.

While it is true that commercial trucks and their operators contribute to the injury and death toll on U.S. highways, some of these accidents can be prevented with safer driving practices by commuters. Keep these things in mind when you’re on the road, so if and when an accident involving a semi-truck occurs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it was not because of you.

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