Car accidents: The driving mistakes of teens can put you at risk

If you have ever wondered why insurance rates are so much higher for teens, rest assured that there is a good reason. Unfortunately, teen drivers have more car accidents than older drivers do. As such, insurance companies typically impose higher rates for teen-aged motorists. The underlying truth of this practice is that insurance companies have analyzed the data and know just how dangerous new drivers can be.

Teen drivers who have studied, practiced and passed their driver’s tests may feel confident about their ability to drive safely. However, inexperience and reckless behaviors can reduce their ability to handle a motor vehicle properly. In the section below you will find a list of teen driver mistakes that could cause serious car accidents.

  • Distractions: While no one should drive while distracted, teens may be especially ill equipped to multi-task behind the wheel.
  • Intoxication: Whether it is drugs or alcohol, intoxication combined with inexperience can certainly lead to a car accident.
  • Overloading: Teenagers like to hang out with their friends, which could mean piling too many passengers inside a vehicle leading to distractions and other dangerous factors.
  • Speeding: Data indicates that, on average, most teens drive about “1.3 miles per hour faster” than older motorists, putting them and other drivers at risk for a car accident.
  • Impulsiveness: Teenagers are prone to impulsiveness, which could cause them to ignore traffic signals or engage in other risky behaviors.

Most people in Oklahoma City would probably feel sympathy for a teen driver responsible for a car accident. However, facing appropriate consequences for negligent behavior is the best way for young minds to learn the difference between right and wrong. Please talk with a lawyer if you have been injured by the negligent behavior of a teen driver.

Source: Pemco Insurance, “Top 10 Mistakes New Drivers Make,” accessed Aug. 07, 2017

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