Car accidents can be caused by distracted driving

It’s a pitch-black stormy night and you received a text from your friend. You ignore the text and focus on the road. In that split second, you are hit with such a strong impact that your car has been totaled and you are bruised badly with lesions on your back and neck pain. You now have to suffer with serious neck, back and head trauma injuries.

You check to see if the driver is all right and you realize that the passenger and her child are also injured and bruised. The driver refuses to share her contact information with you. What do you do? In such a situation, the best course of action for you is to track down the driver’s insurance company and try to file a claim for negligence.

You are in probably confused as to how you will be able to afford these new expenses and recover the damages. It is quite possible that the other driver was distracted while operating their vehicle. Distracted driving involves three kinds of main distractions: cognitive distractions, visual distractions and manual distractions. Cognitive distractions involve drivers daydreaming, feeling inattentive and lost in their own personal thoughts. This could also stem from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Visual and manual distractions are all activities that involve a driver not focusing on the road, which includes texting and driving, eating, grooming, watching or playing a game on their smartphone, hearing the radio, reading a book and speaking on the phone. If you find your attention is not on the road, you may want to consider stopping at a safe spot or parking lot to clear your mind. Once you’re able to focus, then return to the road.

You may not be able to account for all the drivers on the road, but you can keep yourself safe by wearing a seatbelt, driving with caution and staying clear of aggressive and reckless drivers. If you or a loved has been injured as the result of a distracted driver, you may consider hiring an experienced attorney who can help provide you with proper legal assistance.

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