Can An Attorney Help with Car Insurance Claims in Oklahoma?

Maybe you’ve experienced this situation before: you’re involved in a car accident, the police report is filed, and perhaps you or another person has sustained injuries, but insurance (either yours or the other driver’s) is giving you the runaround. What can you do? Who can you look to for help? 

The team at Maples, Nix, & Diesselhorst is the Oklahoma auto accident attorney team you can trust in situations with car insurance companies. We’ve successfully represented dozens of Oklahomans navigating the complexities of insurance after an accident. 

In this article, our team will explain a few of the ways our experienced attorneys can help individuals after a car accident as they deal with auto insurance claims and the related challenges that may arise. 

5 Ways An Attorney Can Help With Insurance Claims 

  1. Filing An Insurance Claim 

If you’re involved in a car accident that resulted in serious damages or injury for you or a member of your family, after seeking the necessary medical care, contacting an attorney is a great next step. Many individuals don’t realize the important role a skilled car accident attorney can play after an accident in Oklahoma. 

If the car accident: 

  • Resulted in serious injury, which led to long-term effects, disability, lost wages, hospitalization, or extensive medical bills 
  • Resulted in the death of a loved one 
  • Involved the injury of a pedestrian or occurred in a construction zone 

Contacting an attorney before filing a claim may be a wise decision. An experienced car accident attorney, like those on the Maples, Nix, & Diesselhorst team, can assist you in collecting evidence to build a strong case. 

This might include gathering police reports, medical records, witness statements, and other relevant documentation to establish the facts surrounding the accident and your injuries or damages. After collecting evidence, we can review your insurance policy, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the coverage and identifying potential areas of dispute with the insurance company. We can also communicate directly with the insurance adjusters on your behalf, presenting a compelling case to support your claim. Because of our expertise in insurance laws and regulations in Oklahoma, we’re a reliable expert as any legal nuances or questions arise.

  1. Denial of Claims 

If you’ve submitted a claim to the insurance company and your insurance claim is wrongfully denied, an attorney on our team may be able to help. We can review insurance claim denials, assess the validity, and, when necessary, advocate for your rights to obtain the coverage you deserve. 

At Maples, Nix, and Diesselhorst, our attorneys will first review the denial, and if we find that the claim was wrongly denied, we’ll gather information and evidence to support your claim. Evidence-gathering may include reviewing medical records, witness statements, police reports, or other information. 

We’re experienced in effectively presenting this information to insurance companies and communicating why claims should be reconsidered. 

  1. Settlements with Insurance Companies 

Another way attorneys can be valuable help after car accidents is by helping you negotiate settlements with insurance companies. If you are offered a settlement from an insurance company, you should reach out to our team before accepting the settlement. 

Our team is experienced in thinking through all the possible long-term effects of automobile accidents and how the injury or damages may affect your life beyond the immediate impact and costs. These impacts may include healthcare costs or needs, lost wages, or other losses you may not consider. 

When negotiating with the insurance company, the team at Maples, Nix, & Diesselhorst are advocates on our client’s behalf. We understand the tactics employed by insurance adjusters and can counter with compelling arguments backed by evidence to support your claim. If the insurance company offers an inadequate settlement, our attorneys can counter with counteroffers, and if necessary, we can litigate the matter in court. 

  1. Incidents with Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists 

Accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers can lead to many questions for drivers. If you are in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver, our attorneys can help guide you through the process. We can help you file the claim with your own insurance company if you have uninsured or underinsured coverage on your policy,  and help you understand your uninsured motorist coverage.

Additionally, our Oklahoma City car accident lawyers can help you understand the terms and limitations of your policy, ensuring you maximize the benefits available. We’re also able to negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to secure fair compensation for your losses.  

  1. Other Instances of Insurance Bad Faith 

Every day, drivers buy insurance coverage to safeguard themselves from the financial repercussions of accidents or unforeseen circumstances–like high medical bills and other expenses. Insurance claims are expected to be processed justly, covering the incurred costs associated with these situations. Unfortunately, this expectation is not always met.

When an insurance company does not uphold its contractual obligations to its policyholders and acts unfairly, this is called “insurance bad faith.” ​​If an insurance company denies a claim, it must do so on a reasonable basis. Insurance companies are legally obligated to complete thorough investigations, gather and examine all relevant facts, and have a sound basis for claim denials. 

If you suspect your insurance company is not dealing fairly with you, contact the Maples, Nix, & Diesselhorst team for a free consultation. Sometimes, insurance bad faith is evident, like an unreasonable claim denial or failure to pay; other times, it could be unnecessary delays, lack of timely communication, or failure to investigate. The Maples, Nix, & Diesselhorst team has years of experience helping Oklahomans who have experienced insurance bad faith. 

Excellent Car Insurance Claim Legal Guidance in Oklahoma City 

The experienced Oklahoma insurance claim attorneys at Maples, Nix, & Diesselhorst are knowledgeable and prepared to help you navigate your auto insurance challenges. You deserve the support of a legal team who will get to know you and care about seeking justice after a car accident. Please contact us today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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