Avoiding pedestrian accidents in Oklahoma City

Spring and summer is the ideal time to take to the streets of Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, warmer weather also increases the risk of becoming involved in a pedestrian accident. Like other areas of the United States, Oklahoma has its share of pedestrian accidents. Neither motor vehicles nor pedestrians are likely to go away so the trick for many becomes staying safe.

Oklahoma City recognizes the dangers inherent to pedestrians. In its “Watch for Me” project, safe walking is one of its main focuses. Some of the tips for safe walking endorsed by the city include the following:

— Limit distractions such as headphones and electronic devices

— Always walk facing oncoming traffic

— Exercise caution when walking in parking lots and watch for reversing automobiles

— Be cautious at intersections and look for turning cars

— Make yourself visible when walking at night with lights or reflective clothing

Understanding the traffic laws governing walkers can also help you avoid a pedestrian accident. For example, the pedestrian does not always have the right-of-way, which contradicts what many people believe. In truth, this rule only applies to pedestrians who comply with traffic signals when crossing at intersections.

When pedestrian accidents happen because of a motorist’s negligence, victims should not be afraid to pursue justice. Doing so increases awareness about the risks of pedestrian accidents, punishes those who negligently harm others and gives you a way to be compensated for your injuries and your expenses.

Those who do not know how where to turn after an accident can find help by talking with a personal injury attorney. Lawyers that practice in this field have many resources they can use to help victims secure an effective legal remedy.

Source: City of OKC, “Safe Walking,” accessed May 02, 2017

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