3 road conditions that can increase the risk of an accident

You likely pay taxes to your state and county, and a portion of these funds are designated for maintaining and improving the roads you drive on. It is reasonable to expect the responsible jurisdiction to provide a safe driving environment in exchange for the taxes you pay. Sometimes, however, there are road conditions that are dangerous and liable to increase the chances of getting in an accident. Despite conditions that may make driving more dangerous, it is every motorist’s responsibility to drive safely and be proactively aware of the risks that surround them. Consider these three unsafe road conditions, and be on the lookout for them the next time you get behind the wheel:

1. Uneven lanes

According to WJHL, uneven lanes were a contributing factor in a fatal car accident in 2015. This road condition—characterized by uneven elevation from one adjacent lane to the other—is more dangerous the more severe it becomes. Drivers may struggle to maintain control of the car when performing a maneuver as simple as changing lanes, and in some cases, accidents and injuries can result.

2. Missing guardrails

Most drivers have encountered roads that drop off sharply on either side. Perhaps there is a body of water or hillside below, but in either case, guardrails should be installed to ensure cars do not veer off the road. If there are no guardrails, drivers face an unnecessary risk, and any small swerve could end in a serious accident.

3. Construction zone

Construction is inarguably a hassle and an inconvenience, but it is sometimes also a hazard to drivers. If you have encountered a construction zone on the road that creates unsafe driving conditions, you likely know what a challenge it is to navigate the area safely. Add traffic and other distractions to the mix, and the likelihood of an accident is likely to increase exponentially.

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