3 driver mistakes that lead to deadly car accidents

Edmond motorists spend several hours a day behind the wheel. The more time spent on the roads, the greater the risk of drivers losing their focus or overlooking something. Though many vehicles have advanced safety features, no system will ever be perfect as long as humans are behind the wheel and auto accidents still occur. 

Many of those incidents lead to serious injuries and property damage. To maximize safety while driving, it is important for motorists to exercise every possible precaution. This includes avoiding unsafe driving behavior at all times. To better understand how to do so, here is a brief overview of the three most common driver mistakes that compromise road safety today. 

Poor decisions 

Being a safe driver means making good decisions in the face of rapidly changing road and traffic conditions. To help mitigate the dangers of dynamic driving events, there are traffic laws, rules, signs and lights. Motorists who ignore or disregard them use their judgment to consciously do so. Their poor decisions often contribute to motor vehicle collisions and can have a significant impact on the seriousness of any injuries and property damage that occur. 

Improper performance 

Driving is a privilege wherein the law requires drivers to stay current on all proper driving practices and maintain a license in good standing. Not all drivers have the proper credentials or driving education. As a result, they may operate their vehicles dangerously using improper driving actions that compromise road safety. 

Recognition challenges 

Part of remaining safe on the road is for motorists to identify and recognize potential and real hazards that could lead to collisions. Distractions and drowsiness are among the leading contributors to car accidents that prevent drivers from spotting hazardous conditions, drivers and other conditions that put them at risk of dying in car accidents. 

Operating a motor vehicle is not without its dangers. However, the likelihood of deadly motor vehicle accidents increases when drivers make mistakes.

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