Do you know these 3 common birth injuries?

You are likely looking forward to giving birth to your child with great anticipation. While your delivery may be smooth and joyous, sometimes complications can occur during pregnancy and delivery. In these circumstances, your baby could become injured. While most deliveries are successful, you should always be prepared if something goes wrong.

Sometimes birth injuries are due to neglect, inappropriate treatment or other improper care from the doctor. Here are some of the most common birth injuries that may be a result of medical malpractice.

1. Swelling of the scalp

When the soft tissues of a baby’s scalp are significantly swollen, this is known as caput succedaneum. Bruising may also accompany the swelling. While the swelling may go away, sometimes it continues and causes further complications. According to Stanford Children’s Health, this birth injury is more common in deliveries that involve use of a vacuum extractor.

2. Facial paralysis

If the baby gets pressure on the face during labor or delivery, the nerves could become injured. Forceps may contribute to this type of injury. Such nerve damage can reduce movement on the side of the face and stops babies from being able to close their eyes. If the damage is severe enough, surgery may be necessary to resolve it.

3. Fractures

Various fractures are possible during labor or delivery. The clavicle may get fractured during a breech delivery or when there is difficulty delivering the shoulder. Other potential fractures include the collarbone, arms and legs. Sometimes a splint or bandage is necessary to heal these fractures.

These are just a few examples of birth injuries. Keep in mind that sometimes these injuries occur naturally and heal quickly. Other times, they may be because of malpractice. It is important for you to be conscious of the possibility of birth injuries and their causes so you can consider legal action if necessary.

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